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ArtHaus is committed to providing a site accessible to everyone.

This site is WC3 HTML5 compliant, as stipulated by the Web Accessibility Initiative, and we are continually seeking to make improvements. However if you notice something that can be improved please contact us -

HTML5 Powered with CSS3 / Styling, and Semantics

Changing the text sizes

All font sizes are relative, with the exception of graphical text, and text size can be increased or decreased by following these steps:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Use the View > Text Size options in the browser menu;
  • Mozilla Firefox: Use the View > Zoom options in the browser menu;
  • Apple Safari: Use the Safari > Preferences > Appearance options in the browser menu.

Navigating this website

This site has been designed for ease of use. The main navigation includes all the main sections and sub sections of the website and runs across the top of the site. Rolling over any of these items will display all pages within each area which when clicked on will take you to a specific section of the website. This style of navigation is consistent throughout the site. A site map is provided to assist with navigation.

Images and alt tags

All images have descriptive alternative text ('Alt' tags), with the exception of images that are used for aesthetic reasons only.

This allows users to see what the image is meant to convey even if it doesn't load, or if images have been switched off or if using a screen reader to read the web page rather than view.

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