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Corporate, Employer, Product, Programme & Events
Full brand development

Branding is essentially the process of attaching a name and a reputation to someone or something; it could be your organisation, a product, an internal project, a programme or even a global event. It is all the positive attributes, the promise the personality & the values.

At the heart of a brand is the visual identity. It is the entry point to the brand, it helps people find you, remember you & differentiate you – we call them ‘Brain tattoos’.

Proven 4 stage process

If we’re working on a branding project, we’ll work through a four-stage process with you to firstly understand the essence of what you’re about – Brand positioning. Out of this comes the ‘Big idea’, the unique idea that makes you distinctive. Then we get into the visual look and feel – visual identity. We will then work with you to refine this to an agreed route and final identity.

Launch, nurture, protect and build

Brands are important assets that need nurtured, protected and used effectively.

We produce the guidelines and brand identity elements to enable you to do this, from logos, tone of voice, typefaces, colours, imagery, paper stocks to electronic and print publication formats, in fact everything you’ll need to engage your audiences with your distinctive brand personality. We can also build all of this into an online site to host all of your brand assets in one central, accessible and trusted resource.

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