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Komodo - HTML publisher

Komodo is an easy to use; highly effective HTML publisher for creating
and sending out email newsletters, releases & notices.

Komodo came about through feedback from our clients who told us that their existing systems were way too complicated and ‘bloated’ and were not really being used. They also pointed out that many of these tools had high on going licence and usage costs.

So we developed Komodo as a simple to use online newsletter tool that has no on going licence or usage costs which clients can host on their server or have us host for them. We can create a set of branded banners/headers for you and then you’re free to create your own newsletters and news releases that can be sent easily to your target audiences.

Komodo is being used by a range of clients, from FTSE top 100 companies to small and medium-sized enterprises. It is being used for both internal and external communications allowing business to easily keep their audiences informed and connecting them with your digital environments – website, portals etc.

The beauty of Komodo is that it’s so easy to use, maintain and update.

Interested? Please get in touch and we can send you login details for the demo version so you can see for yourself.

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