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Salamander – Online image manipulator and library

Salamander is a simple to use, dedicated online image manipulation and storage tool

Many of our clients told us that they were struggling with images on their web sites, intranets and portals. Oversized, badly cropped, wrong format pictures were causing havoc, especially when a wide range of people were tasked with adding and managing imagery. They were not designers or web masters and as such did not know how to edit, crop, optimise and manage images and even if when they did, they often didn't have the software to do it.

We designed and developed Salamander to allow users with no design or web skills or software to easily take any image they have on their computer and upload it to a library where it will automatically (if they want) be turned into a set of predefined versions which are optimised, scaled and saved in the right format ready to use on their website.

In the library users can; manage, tag, edit, create folders to keep them in, search, view and download.

With any app it is tempting to constantly add too many features, but our aim has been to avoid this and keep it simple but really good at what it does.

Salamander is available in two forms - in the cloud or dedicated. The cloud version is ideal for smaller companies and the dedicated version is best suited for large corporates with many users.

The cloud version is charged by the space used and a set monthly rental. The dedicated version is just a one off charge with no on going licence costs. It can be hosted on the clients’ servers or we can host it for you. Each of these options includes unlimited users (no per user licence required).

Try the online demo or want to know more then drop us a line and we will send you login details.

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