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Unlocking talent & helping employees shine at Bupa

Sometimes the toughest challenge is reining in boundless creativity and helping clients shape their thoughts. That's how the 'Talking Talent' programme has been developed for BUPA.

BUPA, the leading international healthcare group, is intent on building a high performing culture among its employees, where everyone has the opportunity to be the best they can be. The Learning and Development team recognised that people across the business have amazing talent – but these talents weren't always being drawn-out and given the opportunity to shine.

The team approached ArtHaus to find ways to unlock this talent and as they said at the time: "make the most of people's 'amazingness'." The brief was wide and it was great for ArtHaus to get in right at the beginning – before there was even any particular project in place. "BUPA and ourselves started with a blank piece of paper," said ArtHaus' Becky Carter. "We had to get from BUPA what they really meant by 'amazingness' and distil what their goals were and how, practically, in quite a conservative business environment, we could work with them to build a solid programme that was new, and interesting for them, but not so 'off the wall' that it would simply not connect with their people.

"This was an iterative process moving from high concept and big ideas as we developed the strategy, to some first tools that the business could try before they bought into a full-blown programme."

The high level strategic concept was 'Talent in 3D' – a holistic means to identify and develop talent across the organisation. The team quickly saw that the first step in achieving this was through great conversations and the first big win in this would be to equip managers with the tools they needed to have these conversations.

So, 3D became 'Discover, Develop, Deliver', a series of practical guides to help leaders and managers across BUPA reveal the true talents of their teams and use those talents most effectively to deliver BUPA's business goals. This first tool has gone down extremely well across the business, helping to establish the concept of 3D and why it matters – particularly across that most vital group of stakeholders: middle management.

"We knew that we had a great bunch of gifted people in BUPA and we knew that we wanted something that would reveal their talents," said BUPA's Wilsey Mockett. "But we needed help in capturing our thoughts and shaping them into ideas that were both exciting and practical. ArtHaus have been great in listening to us and coming up with ideas that really suit the business. Their first executions in 'old school' print have been perfect. They have opened the door for us with the business. We now have the green light to build on this start, through an online presence and with specific campaigns focused on seeing our talent through a fresh perspective. ArtHaus will be with us every step of the way."

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