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A brand for all reasons

There are few tougher challenges set than creating an ‘Employer Brand’ when most employees of the organisation work for strong operating brands within, but quite separate from, the corporate entity. But that’s precisely what ArtHaus was asked to create with ‘MyWorld’ Centrica’s people brand which offers ‘Your world at your fingertips’ to all the Group’s employees across the Corporate Centre, British Gas, Centrica Energy, Direct Energy, Centrica Storage and Dyno.

The whole project emerged when Michelle Hepden-Dyer, Centrica’s Group People Development and Talent Director had a new starter in her team. “We were reviewing people policy information on our intranet, and found it really difficult to find. We sat down and looked at the intranet with fresh eyes and realised it just wasn’t user-friendly or as well organised as it could be. I’ve run projects with ArtHaus before in previous roles, and have always found them a pleasure to work with. This time I was able to involve them right from the beginning – and what evolved was far more than a new intranet.

“What emerged was a complete new people brand for the business. That wasn’t easy to achieve since we have very strong existing external brands. We had to develop a look, feel and the tools to support it that had a clear identity, yet didn’t conflict with any of our existing brands. We also wanted simplicity: an alignment of all the right tools, making them easy to access and use from anywhere in the business. ‘Your world at your fingertips’ became the mantra for everything ArtHaus helped us achieve, covering all aspects of the employee experience, from performance, through learning and development to wellbeing.”

“This was a great project to work on,” ArtHaus’ Mark Luckett added. “We were involved in all the key planning meetings and were able to partner Centrica from generating the first ideas to the final deliverables and a launch campaign. We helped them build and structure the MyWorld brand and populate it with all the collateral to support electronic, print and face to face communication. This really drew on all our expertise across brand development, digital communications and the design and delivery of collateral.”

“Partnership’s an over-used term, but I definitely see ArtHaus as our communications partner on MyWorld,” Michelle explained. “As well as being extremely responsive and adaptable, they are great at putting themselves in the audience’s shoes and provide us with exactly the right level of challenge to bring out the best in the project.

“We’ve had great feedback from right across the business with MyWorld: people use it and it makes their life easier. Quite simply, MyWorld now is the people brand in Centrica.

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