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Coca-Cola Enterprises – My Development Experience

When Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) approached ArtHaus with their latest HR project, it looked to be a sizeable challenge. CCE created a framework to help employees see how their performance, career, and learning opportunities linked together; they called it “My Development Experience.” With the framework in hand, CCE wanted to engage employees in the framework through one ‘home’ where every member of staff wouldn’t just find out about the performance management, learning and career development tools and information available to them across the business, but could engage directly with those tools and reinforce how they link together to drive their careers and performance. The answer, developed by ArtHaus, is a multi-media communications package aligned with the My Development Experience framework.

“CCE set us a tough brief,” explained ArtHaus’ Mark Luckett. The project demanded the creation of a branding elements, realigning the look and feel of a lot of existing learning and performance management tools, access to a complete suite of ”How to Guides”, to enable employees at all levels to engage with ‘My Development Experience’ and a significant communication campaign to gain awareness, buy-in and involvement.

“Over and above this, we needed to make sure the solution was portable, scalable and talked to CCE’s other systems. It also had to be multi-language – and most of all, it had to be SCORM-compliant – ensuring it conformed technically to the specifications that define credible e-learning systems. Oh, and CCE absolutely insisted that the solution couldn’t be safe or boring – it needed to fit with the businesses’ internal brand and employee value proposition to “connect, grow and win” – and therefore needed to look and feel cutting-edge.”


Working with CCE’s HR Communications and IT teams, ArtHaus built versions of the e-learning tool in Flash for older browsers and HTML 5 for the mobile world. “We knew we were building for different territories in Europe and for a diverse workforce in terms commercial, supply chain and global functions employees, so needed solutions accessible to everyone,” Mark added. “Our real driver was to provide a user-friendly experience, bringing all the elements together that wouldn’t just enable people to learn and develop – but make them actively want to play their part.”

My Development Experience e-learning connects seamlessly to existing tools and information on CCE’s intranet and is housed on their Learning Management System, ensuring that every employee’s engagement with it can be measured, helping the business to know exactly where their people stand on their development journey. My Development Experience was rolled out on April 13, 2013, and the initial reaction from the CCE team has been extremely positive.

“We are a step closer to everyone in our business really understanding our performance and development cycle and their role within it” commented Alison Mortimer, CCE’s Associate Director for HR Strategy. “Every individual will be really clear on where they are in development terms. ArtHaus’ design, coupled with their use of technology and ability to integrate our existing materials is really helping our people to get ahead. They provide a range of creative flair and technical expertise that’s rare and valuable.”

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