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One success leads to another

Talent Management specialists ETS were so impressed with the work that ArtHaus had done for their mutual client Centrica that they invited the agency to work with them on a complete rebrand for the highly-regarded talent organisation.

“We’d been considering a website redesign and very much admired ArtHaus’ approach to Centrica’s MyWorld people environment,” John Southwell, ETS’ Managing Director explained. “We’re a growing company working directly with large corporate clients and, independent of the web work, had been looking at a complete brand overhaul. When Mark Luckett came in, he advised us that we bring the website and redesign together to ensure one powerful and consistent brand.

“To say that ArtHaus have been brilliant is an understatement: they bring a great balance of excellent advice with a willingness to ask the right questions to tease out what we really mean. We don’t see ArtHaus as a supplier. They feel like a true partner and, as such, are radically different from most agencies that we’ve worked with.”

“We had a clear brief to work from with ETS,” Mark added. “We needed to help them bring clarity to what the ETS brand is and what it stands for; we needed to refine that brand so that it told the right story to all ETS’ audience and we needed to make that brand easy to access, however people choose to do business with ETS.

“Our key job was to understand what makes ETS tick; and to blend consultancy, design and technical skills to reach the right outcome for them. As part of this work, we revisited ETS’ product interfaces to ensure they offered the best possible user experience. We’re very pleased with what we’ve come up with working with ETS.”

“We were thrilled both with the creative elements of ArtHaus’ work but also with the strong sense of logic underlying that creativity. They hit the right balance of business objectives and creative flair and have given us a brand that reflects our position as the supplier of choice with some of the world’s most admired companies, while delivering a real morale boost within ETS – our people are now even prouder to work for us. And, to cap it all, ArtHaus is full of people who are genuinely nice to deal with.”

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