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Everybody’s talking at SCB

How can you encourage a banking team to let their hair down and really start talking to each other?

That was the challenge faced by ArtHaus when working with People In Business to introduce the Great Managers Programme into the global banking group, Standard Chartered (SCB).

Great Managers was one of two linked programmes that ArtHaus and People in Business worked on with SCB. The other was the learning and development initiative, Learning @ SCB. “The programmes were launching in parallel,” commented ArtHaus’ Mark Luckett. “While they were separate and required different tools and techniques, there were distinct cross-overs and we made a conscious decision to tie them together – not least in terms of their global distribution and the ‘central store’ of support materials.

While SCB is an innovative global banking organisation, it is, by nature, quite formal and conservative. It also operates in cultures where there’s a traditional deference towards senior managers. But Great Managers set out to break the mould: to inspire great conversations across the organisation by getting managers to share their inspiring stories – some were entirely work related while others covered aspects of their life far beyond the office. “It was all about finding ways that people could relate to and learn from the successes of others,” Mark added, “and then turn those experiences into their own managerial practices. We produced lots of visuals capturing real people communicating – and really challenged people to move beyond email. This wasn’t just a senior management programme, it had to appeal to everyone from the board to frontline team managers.

“One of the most successful tools we used was GMFM - a series of podcasts and videocasts to share some truly exciting stories. We even sent everyone on the programme a set of headphones so that they wouldn’t disturb their colleagues when watching or listening to the material!”

Richard Mosley, the Managing Director at People in Business, commented that “Arthaus were a fantastic partner to work with on this project as they understood how to maintain the right balance between creativity and practicality. We also found that they quickly grasped the need for the campaign materials to be simple enough to be accessible to a wide range of different regional audiences, without ever dumbing down”.

At the same time as Great Managers was being developed, ArtHaus and People in Business were working on a new careers development programme for SCB, one intended to shake SCB’s staff members out of their comfort zone.

“We had a brief to produce a full suite of global, multi-language, electronic, paper and live event communication tools to support Learning @ SCB. This was a completely new programme designed to make people make a difference to their own careers in the bank. Again, through striking imagery and text – not least our ‘hazard warnings’ – we set out to show SCB’s people that this was something quite different from the kind of learning and development that the bank had offered before – and that they needed to be a part of it.

“We created a series of core components that could be tailored for local market user, plus a series of templates allowing for the creation of local materials where necessary.”

Richard Mosley: ‘We’ve chosen to partner with Arthaus on this kind of project for many years and they have never let us down. Our clients at Standard Chartered were delighted with the results of the project and the General Manager Program has gone from strength to strength in the intervening period which is a credit to the quality of the launch we helped them to deliver”

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