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Keeping tabs on top talent

The fact that Tesco is one of the world’s most successful retailers is no accident. It’s all about having the best talent in the right place at the right time.

Effective talent management is vital to Tesco’s success, and at the core of every successful talent management process is a system that’s easy to use and delivers the goods. So, when Tesco wanted a bespoke application to turn people data into useful, usable information that could be shared quickly, easily and effectively world-wide, they turned to ArtHaus.

“Initially, we created a biography site for Tesco’s top talent just below Board level,” commented ArtHaus’ Mark Bowerman. “It needed to enable talent managers to understand who was in the talent pool, where were; what they were doing; their key career history and their potential mobility. Separately, we were asked to create an application for managers a little further down the organisation.

“The resulting systems were a success and Tesco asked us to expand the system to include all of its 500,000 people and build in extra functionality. The challenge was to build on what we’d created already and deliver a cost effective solution that was useful and beneficial at Board level, within the People teams and across line management.”

The solution is a discrete, sophisticated system enabling access for users at their own level and to the levels below, with back-end controls enabling seamless administration and management of the system itself. The front end of the system uses CMS functionality and information can be tailored by the user so that they can draw off reports on exactly the people they want to know about.

Our driver was to create a single great place for where people could find out about Tesco’s top talent,” Mark continued. “That meant putting the user first and ensuring all outputs would be clear, simple to access and usable in formats recognizable to the business. We delivered a major upgrade in June 2012, and now host the system on a dedicated server for Tesco – taking another worry away from them.”

Tesco’s Group Talent Manager Martin Jefkins commented: “ArtHaus have worked with Tesco for several years and we’ve developed a very successful relationship over that time. They understand the pace of our business and consistently go the extra mile to deliver for us in tight timescales.”

“But what’s particularly strong about ArtHaus is their customer focus. They listen to our briefs and can turn a few words on a wish list into IT that works. They offer very credible systems expertise, but much more than that, they understand Tesco and the needs of our people. Tesco Talent is technology at its best – a bespoke solution that works for HR and works for the business.”

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